Hawaiian Legacy tracks tree locations

HLH had to find a durable and efficient way to tag trees. Plastic tags printed with bar coded or human readable ID numbers would not likely survive the 25 years that a tree grows before being harvested. Moreover, with volume scaling quickly, the company had to move beyond its manual process of creating tags with label guns.

Headaches and Inefficiency, Asset Tracking With RFID Heals Both

Excel Manufacturing teamed with SimplyRFiD to place a hi-tech tag on every item they produce. With the tags in place, Excel is now able to pinpoint exactly how many items they have produced that hour, where they are and, when they can ship. Their system automatically checks the Air Force order to see if they are ahead of schedule and keeps them on-track to produce the right product on-time.

Indie Rentals uses RFID For Tracking Rental Movie Equipment

When a customer checks out equipment, a handheld rfid reader allows Indie Rental's customer database to be immediately updated. This "unlocks" the equipment, allowing it to go through the ThingMagic readers installed above the doors without setting off alarms.

RFID Helps Workers That Are Blind Do Their Jobs

RFID Helps Blind Workers Do Their Jobs The system's developer says the RFID software designed for blind users is not only effective, it's an improvement on its original RFID software. By Mary Catherine O'Connor / RFID Journal ((c) RFID Journal

RFID Improves Management of Corporate Artwork

Corporate Art Force, which provides art procurement and installation services to U.S. and Canadian companies, is using EPC UHF tags and readers to track paintings and sculptures that its clients display at their worksites. Article by Claire Swedberg / RFID Journal.

Tracking Files with RFID

The State Attorney’s office in Palm Beach County, Florida, installed an RFID system to tag all of their court dockets (file folders) with RFID labels and instantly locate them in a hallway, inbox or briefcase while going out the front door. At a cost of about 20 cents per file folder, the system recovers its cost through a negligible legal filing fee for each court case.

usc simplyrfid nox case-study

A UHF solution, from SimplyRFiD, enables the University of Southern California to boost the accuracy of inventory data related to on- and off-campus housing furnishings.

Warmkraft Boosts Order-Fulfillment Efficiency With RFID

Warmkraft, a Mississippi company that applies finishes to military uniforms, has reduced its manual shipping labor costs by 50 percent, while lowering its shipping–error rate down to 0.2 percent from 5 percent, by RFID-tagging its products at the item level after those goods are treated, and by then reading the tags prior to shipment.